How to make perfect cherry liquor

Cherry liquor is one of the easiest types of liquors that you can make yourself. But before you head out on this trail it is important to understand what liquors are. Liquor is a type of an alcoholic beverage that has been flavored with herbs, spices, cream, flowers or fruits. This flavored liquor is then bottled with additional sugar and allowed to age.

Liqueurs are not aged for a long period of time and are quite sweet to taste. Different liqueurs have different resting periods during their production. This resting period gives the liquors their distinctive taste by allowing all the different flavors to converge.

There is a classic difference between liquors and other spirits. Just because a spirit is flavored it doesn’t become a liquor. There are many flavored spirits available today such as flavored vodka, flavored gin, flavored rum etc. But the main difference between spirits and liquors is that while liquors have added sugar added to them, there is no such addition to flavored spirits. Also liquors have a comparatively lower alcohol content than spirits.

Another spirit that can get confused with liquor is dessert wine. Though dessert wines might taste like liquor they normally do not contain any added sugar or additional flavoring.

Liquors can be considered the original decedents of herbal medicines mostly prepared by monks. Liquors have been in consumption as herbal medicine since the Middle Ages. History suggests that liquors had been in manufacture as early as the 13th century in Italy.

Today liquors are made across the world and can even be made at home. There are many ways to serve liquors. They can be served alone by themselves or can be used to enhance flavors of coffees or desserts. They can also be served on ice, be mixed with cream and can also be used as a mix in different cocktails.

Some of the popular liquors are served layered as liquor cocktails. These cocktails are made by floating different colored liquors one on top of the other. Such drinks are made by pouring individual liquors very gradually into a glass through the back of a spoon or through a glass rod. This makes sure that the liquors do not mix and create a fun striped effect. Liquors are normally served after dessert as an after drink and can also be used while cooking.

There is a variety of cherry liquor available in the market today. But to make cherry liquor at home you will need 1lb of cherries, 710 ml approximately 3 cups of unflavored vodka and 11/2 cups of sugar. If you don’t want to use vodka you can alternate that with 11/2 cups of pure grain alcohol with 11/2 cups of water. You will need to clean the cherries, remove the stems and place them in a glass jar. Now pour the alcohol on the cherries and cap on with a tight fitting lid. This mix needs to be stirred once daily for the first three to four weeks. After that you should add the sugar and dissolve it in this vodka cherry mix.

Let this cherry liquor recipe sit again for another three to four weeks, stirring it once every day. After three months you can strain your cherry liquor through a fine cheese cloth. Let it mellow for another 5 months and you will have amazing ruby red cherry liquor.